Visitor Survey

Saturday, December 21 2019

You are qualified for the promotional gift card up to $1,000 value. Answer our questions below!

Important: Hurry, only 3 prizes remaining!

The offer is valid for next 3 minutes and 43 seconds.
Question 1/4:
How often do you visit Google?
Multiple times a day
Multiple times a week
Multiple times a month
Question 2/4:
Which Search Engine do you prefer the most?
Yahoo Search
Question 3/4:
Are the advertisements you see on Google relevant to your interests?
Not at all
Question 4/4:
What do you think of the advertisements you see on Google?
I like them
I am not interested
Program Comments:
Ravleen Kaur
It was nice and it’s refreshing to know I’m getting rewarded for just doing simple offers
17 minutes ago
Shanteel Vernonq
I have been trying to win for years and I just did Yes thank you
53 minutes ago
nichole Swisher
Oh my God I thought this was a hoax I never thought I would actually complete it and actually receive my prize fingers crossed my hundred-dollar Visa card actually comes in the mail I'm just shocked that I got to the point where it says congratulations and asked for my credit information so they could be shipped
1 hours ago
Diana Fisk
I thought this deal was pretty easy to get the gift card at Walmart and I will spend that gift card on my ten-year old grandson thank you
3 hours ago
James Peck
It took forever to do but I finally did it. Everyone told me it was a scam but it actually worked I couldn’t believe it thank you so much...
3 hours ago
Diana Zavaleta
Hi my name is Diana and my experience was very exciting and unbelievable now that I accomplished all the tasks you guys ask to complete in order to get my reward ...what I think about you guys is that you guys are very intelligent and have the best deals to reward everyone that wants to accomplish the deals you guys offer thank you guys for allowing me to receive my reward..
4 hours ago
Tiffany Kincer
I’m sooo excited!!? I never thought it was gonna be that easy. I’ll probably do something with my family on an upcoming weekend with the extra money. Thank you very much!!
6 hours ago
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